Small Auditorium

Small Auditorium is Malmitalo’s cinema hall with a fixed projection screen on the stage wall and with film equipment that allows the screening of 3D movies.

The warmly coloured room has an intimate atmosphere and is perfect for small shows and performances, such as puppet theatre, singalong and chamber music concerts. The natural acoustics of the room may be adjusted with special wall panels, designed by architect Alpo Halme, which makes the room particularly suitable for acoustic concerts. For events that demand more advanced technical solutions, choose Malmisali. Thanks to its wide landings, it is possible to have table sets instead of seat rows, which makes the Small Auditorium particularly versatile. Depending on the seating, the Small Auditorium seats between 60 and 120 people.

Stage dimensions
Depth 5 m, width 9 m, height 8 m
Seats are not numbered

Rent prices (incl. VAT 24%)

Culture and art events EUR 50/h
Ask for a discounted price for children’s events

Meetings and parties EUR 87,50/h
Other uses EUR 125/h
Rehearsals and stage construction EUR 30/h
Grand piano EUR 150/session
Piano EUR 80/session

Rent enquiries

If you wish to rent a venue, please contact one of our cultural producers: (performances for children and young people)


Services of professional technical staff are included in the rent.


For catering, please contact Restaurant Malmitalo. Look at this:



For catering, please contact Restaurant Malmitalo.