Art Education

5x2 art courses

5x2 art courses by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office are educational art courses aimed at primary school classes in Helsinki. The lessons take place in five-week periods, two lessons a week – making a total of 5x2 lessons. The aim of the courses, which do not cost anything to schools, is to support art education provided by the schools themselves. To attend a 5x2 course, contact your school’s cultural coordinator.

Classes taking part in a course are divided into small groups (the number of which depends on the size of the class) that study different arts with an art teacher. In Malmitalo, instruction is available, for example, in handwork, music, dance, ceramics, photography and visual arts. The available arts vary according to the time of the course.


The City of Helsinki Cultural Office aims to have every primary school class to attend a 5x2 course once. In Malmitalo, the 5x2 courses are provided to around 20 classes every year. To attend the courses, contact your school’s cultural coordinator (cultural contact teacher). Enrolment to a course means a commitment to attend all five sessions.

Cultural courses

Cultural courses by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office support cultural education at schools and promote the accessibility of art and culture. These cultural courses are intended for groups of students from lower and upper secondary schools and vocational colleges. The courses do not cost anything to schools.

The courses provide students with cultural experiences in genuine environments under the guidance of professionals – in theatres, art exhibitions and art workshops. The course programme is built around a single theme that offers a viewpoint for studying the life around us. The schools’ wishes will be taken into account during content planning.

The Kultus. fi website is a genuine treasure for culturally minded teachers, providing a wealth of information and news for teachers in schools and day-care centres. link

Art Schools in Malmitalo

The Art School of Northern Helsinki, The Helsinki Dance Institute, Crafts And Design School Taito South Finland  and The Music Institute of Northern Helsinki organise art education for children and young people, but also for adults.

The art schools in Malmitalo provide so-called basic education in the arts, which is goal-oriented education, progressing annually from one level to the next. The education provides basic skills for art as a hobby, but also for vocational studies in art. Every week during the academic year, around 1200 children come to Malmitalo to study music, dance, visual arts or handwork. The Music Institute of Northern Helsinki has its office in Malmitalo. For more information on the art schools and the courses they provide, visit their websites.

Adult Education Centre

The Adult Education Centre also has art courses for young people over 16 and adults. link

Operation Pulse!

Courses and events by young people, for young people – between 12 and 18. link

A hungry stomach has no ears

For school kids, Restaurant Malmitalo’s has a special snack card for buying healthy snacks easily. For more information, contact the restaurant.